Meet Our Coaches


Rocky Football is about creating an environment conducive to learning and the continuous development of one’s self. As coaches, we encourage our athletes to strive for personal excellence, keep the lines of communication open with our athletes and parents, and demonstrate the desired traits we expect all of our athletes to learn and grow from. To accomplish this goal, we provide an environment that continually challenges the athlete to develop and hone skills needed to succeed both on the field and in real life.

We encourage our athletes to improve their individual characters through responsibility, effort, and hard work. We help them develop core skills and provide a solid base of knowledge through challenging, repetitive drills that require effective decision-making and precise execution under pressure.

Communication in our program is crucial. We provide the student-athlete with direction and motivation to keep them on task and keep them informed of important changes, skills, and opportunities.

It is our responsibility to demonstrate effective leadership by maintaining the desired standards of behavior we expect from our athletes.
"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."


Head Coach
Chris Culig



Asst Coach
Art Roper


Weight Coach
Tim Souza

Varsity Coaches

Chris CuligHEAD COACH-Co-DC/Cor
Glenn HumphriesDirector of Operations
Mike VanderhoffOffensive Coordinator/QB
Art RoperO-line/Run Game Coordinator
Mike Hannemantenative oline
Tim SouzaWR/STC/Pass Game Coordinator
Blake GonzalesTBD
Tim StanleyCo-DC/SAF
John ZamberlinILB
Ron ManuOLB

JV Coaches

TBDJV Head Coach
Stan NiccollsQB's
Ian BrownJV/OC- O-line
John TiaJV/RB
Jeremy FergusonJV DC / LB/Asst Head Coach
Issac NaylorJV / DL / SPC
Jacob PeleDline
Kaleo NawahineJV / DB

Freshman Coaches

Brian SweaneyFrosh HFC /DB
John KnightFrosh OC/QB's
Matt HamptonFrosh/ LB
Brett CaseyFrosh WR
Nick WeatherlyFrosh/DC-DL
Anthony FloresFrosh/OL

Support Staff

Ian BrownGame Day Technology Coordinator
Andy CrinerSTATS